FOSDEM Proposal Submission

We’ve just submitted a proposal to FOSDEM13.

We want to present our recent work, “Implementing Threaded Accelerated Compositing in WebKit GTK+” at FOSDEM CrossDesktop DevRoom 2020. This talk covers the technical backgrounds of WebKit accelerated compositing as well as the best practices for applications developers who want to embed WebKit into their applications.

Here is our proposal:

Implementing Threaded Accelerated Compositing in WebKit GTK+

In this talk, we will cover accelerated compositing, which is a collection of hardware acceleration technologies to speed up the rendering of scroll, zoom and CSS3 animations in WebKit. We will show you how WebKit has improved the rendering performance using GPU by looking at the internals of WebKit.

WebKit GTK+ port also uses accelerated compositing to improve the rendering speed, but its accelerated compositing implementation lags behind other WebKit ports such as WebKit Qt and EFL. We will discuss how we brought threaded accelerated compositing to WebKit GTK+ to solve the performance problem. Additionally, optimized features for embedded systems such as memory management and vsync synchronization will be discussed.

For desktop application developers who want to embed WebKit into their applications, we will present the best practice UI design guidelines and tips to draw maximum rendering performance from the current WebKit GTK+ implementation.

Short Bio

Jae Hyun Park currently works at Company100. He is fairly new to WebKit but eager to contribute to make a better engine. His focus in WebKit is rendering. Nowadays he is actively contributing to implement Threaded Coordinated Graphics in WebKit2 GTK+. Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball.

Dongsung Huang currently works at Company100. He is a WebKit Committer. He is interested is Accelerated Compositing, Canvas, WebGL, CSS Shaders and whole WebKit rendering. He likes to go to picnic with his 2 year old daughter (usually local zoo).

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